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Looney Tunes Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
RKO General TV Inc.

Characters & Voices
Hosts/ Performers: -
Ginger MacManus (9/15/1958 - 1/9/1959)
Paul Tripp (1/12/1959 - 710/1959)
Herb Sheldon (9/14/1959 - May/1962)
Chubby Jackson (1/15/1962 - 6/14/1963)
Cartoon Voices: -
Porky Pig - Joe Dougherty, Mel Blanc
Daffy Duck - Mel Blanc
Gabby Goat - Mel Blanc
Elmer Fudd - Arthur Q.Bryant
On Monday evening September 15, 1958, WOR TV Ch.9 in NYC began airing it's own "Looney Tunes Show".

Set against the backdrop of an enchanted cottage in the woods, child actress and dancer Ginger MacManus (Sonny Foxs' former traveling companionon "Let's Take A Trip!") would entertain and inform the viewers inbetween the pre-1938 Warner Brothers "Looney Tunes" Movie cartoons. Ms.Macmanus would mc the program until she left the series following The Friday Night January 10, 1959 broadcast.

Paul Tripp (Formerly CBS TV's "Mr.I. magination!") took over as the series host/ performer on Monday evening January12, 1959. He didn't care for presenting the cartoons and he left the series on Friday Night July 10, 1959. The series didn't return to the NYC airways until Monday September 14, 1959. NYC based kids tv wraparound host/ performer Herb Sheldon would become the series third mc. Sheldon had hosted The First "Looney Tunes Show" on WABD-TV Ch.5 in NYC back in the late 1950's and he seemed well suited to host the show. The series moved to a weekday morning timeslot and remained set against the backdrop of the enchanted cottage.

During his tenuire as the show's third mc, the program's titled was changed to "The Herb Sheldon Show". Sheldon would continue to entertain and inform his viewers until he left the show following the Friday Morning May 18, 1962 broadcast.

Chubby Jackson would become the series fourth and last host/ performer. Switching the program's timeslot to the weekday afternoons and changing the backdrop to a local clubhouse, Jackson would perform comedy and puppet skits and musical numbers in-between the reruns of the films. He also wanted to revive his child talent show segment that he had ultilized on his weekday morning version of WABC TV Ch.7 NYC's "Chubby Jackson's Little Rascals Show". Unfortuneatly Ch. 9 was under new management and they simply wanted Jackson to pretape his hosting segments in one day. The segments would consist of the entertainer doing plugs for the sponsors and introducing the films. Chubby tried to fight against the creative interference from station management, but it was for naught. "The Looney Tunes Show" finally went off the air following Chubby's last appearance on the program on Friday afternoon June 14, 1963.
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