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Westinghouse Broadcasting Inc.
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Pop Pop The Sad Face Tramp Clown - Ed Bakey
Entertainer Ed Bakey made his debut as a local kids tv host/ performer on this daily children's wraparound series. Seen Weekday evenings on Baltamore, Md. based tv station WJZ TV Ch.13 in 1957.

The series would be set against the backdrop of a city park. Where "Pop Pop" (Bakey) would try to sell his wares (as a vendor of candy, soda pop, ice cream, hot dogs, etc) and engage his customers (His viewers) in games, songs, stories, comedy skits, informational segments, craftmaking, hobbies and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the reruns of "The Three Stooges" film comedies.

Bakey's Tramp Clown character would also mc a weekday evening cartoon show "Pop Pop & Popeye" on WJZ TV from 1957 until he left the station in 1960 to host WABC TV Ch.7 NYC's last kids tv wrapround series essentially playing his tramp clown, but with a new name "Tommy Seven".
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