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Lucky Duck Show, The


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer - Merv Griffin
Announcer/ Co - host/ Performer
Head Puppteer/ Puppet - maker
Puppet Character: -
Lucky Duck - unknown
After the cancellation of "The Old Timer And Tumbleweed Show", WTVJ TV Ch.4 in Miami Florida created and produced a comedy/ variety kids tv show with the creators of "Howdy Doody", E.Roger Muir and Martin Stone. At the time, "Buffalo Bob" Smith was forced to take a hiatius from the series due to a heart attack. Fearful of the show's future, Muir And Stone had Smith appear occassionally on "Howdy Doody" during his convelesence. In the meantime, they decided to create and produce another comedy/ variety kids tv show for the local Florida market. The series "Lucky Duck" had a local personality engaging his studio audiences and the viewers in games, songs, stories, comedy and puppet skits, and interviews with guest performers, personalities and with the kids in the studio audience.

The local personality didn't care for the format and left after a few shows. A replacement was needed and a former client and friend of Mr. Stone's, Merv Griffin, reluctantly took the job. The choice of Griffin was a strange one, since he was better known for mcing programs aimed at an adult audience. He had very little interaction with the duck puppet or even with the kids in studio audience, preferring to sit at his piano and sing songs.

A more engaging personality was needed to make the show work. Chuck Zink was hired to to be Griffin's co-host/ performer and announcer. The format became a success, mainly due to Zink's interaction with the kids and the puppet. "The Lucky Duck Show" remained on the air on WTVJ until 1957, when Griffin left the program for other venues and Chuck Zink became the sea captain host/ performer of "The Skipper Chuck Show" / "The Popeye Playhouse".
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