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Come Along


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
WFIL TV Ch.6, Philadelphia, Pa.

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer/ Instructor/ Creator/ Producer/ Writer - Joe Early
This educational kids tv series had actor/ dialectician/ producer and scriptwriter Joseph Early portraying famous men from history. As he would recreate the events and personalities of such individuals as U.S. presidents George Washington, Ulysess S. Grant and Teddy Roosevelt, Dr. Ben Franklin, Gen.Robert E. Lee, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Marco Polo, Chief Sitting Bull, Capt. Christopher Columbus, and Capt. Miles Standish.

Early would talk with a group of kids as the famous man that he was playing and the group would not only learn about the accomplishments of these persons, they would see them as kindly and fun loving people. More often than not the shows were done on locations such as Philadelphia, Pa. and Plymouth Rock, Ma.

"Come Along" was first seen on WFIL TV Ch.6 in Philly, Pa. and later on WABC TV Ch.7 in NYC sunday evenings from Sunday January 21, 1973 to Sunday May 22, 1973.

Mr. Early would ultilize his concept of portraying famous men from history on a more adult tv series, "Meeting Of The Minds!" with Mr.& Mrs. Steve And Jayne Meadows Allen and other Actors on PBS TV in 1989.
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