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Peppermint Place


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
A.Bello Prods.Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer: -
Mr. Peppermint - Jerry Haynes
Head Puppeteer/ Puppet - Maker/ Director
Puppet Characters: -
Muffin Bear - Vernon Daily
Jingles The Dragon - Vernon Daily
Mr.Wiggley Worm - Vernon Daily
GG - Vernon Daily
This children's wraparound tv series was first seen under the title of "Mr. Peppermint" on WFAA TV Ch.8 in Dallas, Texas from 1961 to 1970. Actor/ Singer and radio/ tv host Jerry Haynes was hired to play the owner of a combination candy and music store who would entertain and inform his customers (His viewers) inbetween the reruns of "Deputy Dawg" and "Felix The Cat" Tv cartoons.

Originally the character didn't have a name, let alone a costume, but Haynes remembered seeing one of the station's execs' standing at a street corner in a suburb of Dallas giving out free peppermint candies to the local kids. So He donned a red & white stripped blazer, white pants, a skimmer with a red and white stripped hat band around the crown of the hat and sporting a stripped cane. He took on the name of "Mr. Peppermint". The show became a hit with Dallas' young viewers as Haynes and his director and head puppeteer Vernon Daily engaged their viewers in songs, craftmaking, hobbies, games, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities. More often than not the shows would be taped against the backdrop of a ship. As "Mr. Peppermint" and another puppet character "Captain Candy" (A good pirate character that sounded like Robert Newton's interpretation of "Long John Silver" from "Treasure Island" and voiced by Haynes) would travel to fanticiful locales with the other puppet characters.

By 1970 the show was dropped and it was off the air for a time. However in 1975 the show was revived in order for WFAA TV to fullfil the FCC's requirements to create, produce and air a quality educational and/ or informational series. Retitled "Pepperment Place" Haynes and Daily would entertain and inform their viewers (Minus the reruns of "The Deputy Dawg" and "Felix The Cat" TV Cartoons).

Again against the backdrop of The Candy and Music store, a new puppet character was added named "Muffin Bear". The show was also seen in syndication in many markets during the late 1980's and early to late 1990's. The series was seen on saturday mornings on WCBS TV Ch.2 in NYC from Saturday September 16, 1989 to Saturday September 12, 1992. "Peppermint Place" remained on the air until the summer of 1996. When Haynes and Daily decided to retire from hosting a local kids tv program and move onto other projects.
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