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Pinky Dinky Doo is an animated series based on bedtime stories (just the good ones) that creator Jim Jenkins made up and told his own kids. It's about the Dinky Doos, a family that lives in a great big city called, well, Great Big City. And itís especially about seven year-old Pinky Dinky Doo, her four year-old brother, Tyler, and of course her guinea pig...Mr. Guinea Pig.

One thing everybody knows about Pinky is how much she loves to make up stories. Crazy stories about salami shoes, rude alligators and apartment buildings in outer space. And her outrageous stories can pop up in the most ordinary situations, like when Tyler can't find his shoes or it's time to clean Mr. Guinea Pig's cage. It doesnít take much for her to launch into a wacky urban tall tale, where practically anything can happen.

No matter how big the problem in her story, Pinky always comes up with an even bigger solution. Her secret weapon is her brain. Pinky has a regular kid-sized brain. But when she thinks big, her brain gets bigger and bigger until DING! She comes up with a good idea and saves the day.

After Pinky finishes her tall tale, she, Tyler, Mr. Guinea Pig and even the kids at home, get to play a series of fun play-along games on their cheese sandwich game toy.

Through Pinkyís stories and games, we hope that kids will be inspired to make up their own stories and games, sharpen their listening skills, expand their vocabulary and most importantly laugh and have a good time.
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