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Code Lyoko


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
France Animation and Antefilms

Characters & Voices
Odd Della Robbia - Matthew Géczy
Nicolas Poliakoff - Matthew Géczy
Jeremie Belpois - Sharon Mann
Aelita - Sharon Mann
Yumi Ishiyama - Mirabelle Kirkland
Milly Solovieff - Mirabelle Kirkland
Jim Morales - David Gasman
Herb Pichon - David Gasman
William (Season 2) - David Gasman
Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas - Jodi Forrest
Mr. Jean - Pierre Delmas
Ulrich Stern - Barbara Scaff
Tamiya Diop - Barbara Scaff
Kiwi - Barbara Scaff
Code Lyoko tells the story of a group of students who uncover a parallel universe called Lyoko inside a super-computer that is threatened by a virus that could destroy the universe.

Three boarding school students and a day student, Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi, must help a virtual humanoid creature named "Aelita" to stop rogue computer X.A.N.A.'s latest attack on their real world.


Aelita: She is a computer A.I. who has pink hair. Mostly used to shut down the towers that X.A.N.A activated. Aelita has the power of synthenization, which can create illusions and decoys to help the gang or hinder X.A.N.A. monsters. It also modifies the landscape to help her reach the tower. She also has the power to hack into electric systems. Jeremie appears to have very strong feelings for Aelita. According to the American site of Code:Lyoko, she is a virtual humanoid creature that is the sole inhabitant in Lyoko.

Jeremie Belpois: He's a human boy with blond hair who is a laboratory genius. Jeremie always wears a blue shirt and jeans. A genius who keeps an eye on the others from the computer that helps them the others humans get into Lyoko, locate the tower & warns them of monsters and hit points. Jeremie spends mostly all of his free time attempting to figure out a way to materialize Aelita.

Odd Della Robbia: He's is a human boy with a long spiky blond hair with purple spot in the middle. Odd is the oddest one of the humans (hence his name). He owns a dog named Kiwi (which is against school rules, of course). Odd is one of the warriors for Lyoko, with his "laser arrows" to destroy X.A.N.A henchbots. In Lyoko, he is clairvoyant, which means he has premonitions of the future.

Ulrich Stern: He's a human boy with brown hair. Ulrich is your usual silent type. Is in love with Yumi, and hates Sissi for some reason. In Lyoko, Ulrich can become a samurai and use his "digital saber" to attack X.A.N.A henchbots--and he can use "Triangulate," "Triplicate," and "Fusion" to create other two decoys to confuse X.A.N.A.'s monsters.

Yumi Ishiyama: A black haired tomboy-Japanese girl with a taste for American Gothic. She is the oldest of the gang and can become a geisha-like warrior with fan that can block X.A.N.A attacks and has the power of telekenisis. Besides her mind powers, she can also attack with her metallic fans.

X.A.N.A.: A very big and powerful supercomputer paradise which became corrupted with a virus. This computer's biggest problem is hidden in the factory. It has a few henchbots to do his work for him: Roachsters, Blocks, Hornets, Mega Tanks, Crabs. Has the ability to take over other things like electrical equipment and small creatures. X.A.N.A exist in the real word as a black wisp of smoke or a blob. It's only weakness is that you can shut him off, but if they shut him down before they get Aelita out--it's death day for both of them.
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