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Inside the Moon


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Nox Film

Characters & Voices
Know - nothing (Neznaika)
Doughnut (Ponchik) - Svetlana Stepchenko
Know - it
Little Star (Zvyozdochka) - Kristina Orbakaite
Camomile (Romashka) - Klara Rumyanova
Little Fly (Mushka) - Irina Byakova
Krabs - Boris Shuvalov
Miga - Aleksandr Pozharov
Grizzle - Mikhail Kononov
Julio - Rudolf Pankov
Octopus (Spruts) - Artyom Karapetyan
Optics (Steklyashkin) - Aleksandr Lenkov
Bugs (Klops) - Yuri Sarantsev
Migl - Valeri Barinov
Waiter - Yan Yanakiyev
They are neither adults nor kids - somewhere in between, living in their separate boys and girls cozy dorms and doing whatever they love to do - inventors, artists, poets, mechanists, scientists and....just dreamers! These inthusiastic and creative folks enjoy their half-adult, half-kiddish lifestyles and entertain each other with the different tricks and practical jokes.

The main hero stands out of the crowd - while the others try to live the normal life socializing as they can, he can never be rested, always coming up with the different unpredictable and unexpectable moves, which always make viewers burst with laugh....
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