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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Hosts/ Performers/ Instructors/ Narrators: -
Allen Ludden (12/5/1953 to 5/29/1954) -
Paul & Ruth Tripp (6/5/1955 to 10/3/1959) -
Co - host/performer/Instructor:
Ted Tiller (6/5/1954 to 103/1959) -
Musical Director - Ray Carter
This Children's newsmagazine was seen Saturday Mornings on WCBS TV Ch.2 in NYC. The program introduce teens and grade school kids to science, drama, music, history, english, math, dance, craftmaking, hobbies and storytelling. Future tv game show host Allen Ludden would mc the series from Saturday December 5,1953 until he left the series following the Saturday morning May 29, 1954 broadcast. Paul & Ruth Tripp and Ted Tiller, who had just finished their stint on TV's first educational kids show "Mr. I.Magination!" on CBS TV, would host the show beginning on Saturday June 5,1955.

The Tripps and Mr.Tiller were able to bring a sense of fun and discovery to the show that it didn't have before. Working with High school and Grade School classes, the trio were able to introduce their viewers and the guests to many facets of the world. The show was so successful that it shared The 1956 NYC Emmy for "Best Children's tv program". (The other NYC based kids tv series that won that year was WRCA/ WNBC TV Ch.4 NYC's "Children's Theater!" with Ray Forrest).

"On The Carousel!" also featured the very first live dramataztion of Paul Tripp's musical children's stories: "Tubby The Tuba" and "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't!". Ray Carter, the program's musical director also did a segment that showed how music could help to present a news story on tv. The Tripps and Ted Tiller would continue to inform, educate and entertain their viewers and their guests on "On The Carousel!" until the station execs at WCBS TV stopped "The Carousel" ride on Saturday October 3, 1959.
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