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Let's Take A Trip


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
CBS TV Network
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Interviewer/ Narrator: -
Sonny Fox -
Co - hosts/ Narrators/ Interviewers:
Ginger MacManus (1955 - 1957)
Brian ("Pud") Flannagan (1955 - 57)
Joan Terrance (1957 - 1958)
Jimmy Walsh (1957 - 1958)
This children's newsmagazine and travelogue was seen Sunday afternoons on The CBS TV Network during the mid to late 1950's.

Following his success with his pioneering local kids tv newsmagazine and travelogue "The Finder!" (The very first educational kis tv series of it's kind known to be on the air), Sonny Fox left KCET TV in St. Louis, Mo and he returned to NYC to mc a simular concept.

Beginning on Sunday April 17, 1955 Fox and his two young traveling companions, Ginger MacManus and Brian ("Pud") Flannagan would take trips to places and events that were of interest to kids. They went to Bil Baird's Puppet studio, to the 1955 NYC Toy Fair, The American Ballet Theater Co. and to The Boy Scouts Jamboree. The series even made a trek to Washington, D.C. which concluded with a visit to President Eisenhower.

Eventually, in 1957 Ms. MacManus outgrew her role as one of Fox' young traveling companions. A year later both Ms. MacManus and Mr. Flannagan were replaced by Joan Terrance and Jimmy Walsh. (Ms.MacManus would briefly return to kids tv as the first host/ performer of The WOR TV Ch.9 NYC edition of "The Looney Tunes Show")

Son, Joan and Jimmy would continue to take their viewers on trips to many wonderful places until CBS TV ended their journeys on Sunday February 23, 1958. The very last installment of "Let's Take A Trip" was broadcast from the CBS TV Broadcasting Center on West 57th St. in NYC.
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