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Funny Company, The


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Prod. Co.:
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer/ Instructor/ Interviewer - Morty Gunty
Cartoon Voices: -
Buzzer Bell - Dick Beals
Shrinking Violette - Dick Beals
Polly Plum - Robie Lester
Dr. Todd Goodheart - Hal Smith
Terry - Ken Snyder
Broken Feather - Tom Thomas
Jasper N. Parks - Nancy Wible
Merry Twitter - Nancy Wible
Belly Laguna - Hal Smith
I.M A Humbug - Hal Smith
Dr. Von Upps The Ego tripping mad scientist - Hal Smith
Mother Laguna - Hal Smith
The Wisenheimer Computer - Bud Hiestand
WOR TV Ch.9 was the first NYC station to air Ken Snyder's "Funny Co." TV cartoons. Created and produced as "Edutainment" (A combination of education and entertaiment) oriented cartoons by animation producer and voice over actor Ken Snyder, the films were meant to present quality informational substance with light touches of comedy. The comedy came from a group of animated kids who ran their own company that did tasks and sought out scientific investigations with the help of kindly old scientist "Dr. Todd Goodheart" and "The Wisenhiemer" (A talking computer that screened educational films). Radio/TV/nightclub and stage entertainer Morty Gunty was the program's mc.

Set against the backdrop of a makeshift clubhouse, Gunty would entertain and inform his viewers and his clubhouse members (A studio audience of kids) with games, songs, stories, craftmaking, hobbies, imformational segments, comedy skits and interviews with guest performers, personalities and with the members of the club (The studio audience) inbetween the reruns of "The Funny Co." Cartoons.

Ch.9's version of "The Funny Co." was seen weekday afternoons from Monday September 28, 1963 to Thursday May 29, 1964. The series returned under it's new title "The Morty Gunty Show" on WOR TV on Monday June 1, 1964. Despite the title change Mr. Gunty's efforts to entertain and inform his studio audiences and his viewers in order to stimulate interest in the lackluster "Funny Co." cartoons failed.

The station execs at Ch.9 finally closed the doors to "The Morty Gunty Show" on Friday January 1,1965.
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