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Junior Frolics


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
WNTA TV Ch.13, Newark,N.J.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Performer - "Uncle Fred" Sayles
In 1949 WNTA TV Ch.13 in Newark,N.J. became the first New Jersey/ NYC based tv station to screen reruns of the silent "Koko The Clown", "Felix The Cat" and "Terrytunes" Movie cartoons on a daily kids tv show.

Set against the backdrop of a neighborhood clubhouse, "Junior Frollics" screened the films for a studio audience of kids and the viewers at home. The series was hosted by radio/tv broadcaster and singer Fred Sayles who appeared on the program as "Uncle Fred". Sayles would engage his viewers and studio audiences in games, craftmaking, hobbies, songs, stories, informational segments and interviews with guest performers, personalities and members of the studio audience inbetween the reruns of the films Monday thru Saturday evenings from 1949 to Friday September 12, 1958 when the station execs at Ch.13 decided to revamp the show to accomedate a new backdrop.

Set against the backdrop of a small town, "Uncle Fred" Sayles would become the mayor of "Junior Town Frollics" as he would meet with and become involved with the antics of the town's citizens (played by kids) who lived in a cartoon village and engage them in the same entertainment and informational format inbetween the reruns of the films. Sayles objected to the new concept but he was forced to work with it. Despite all of his efforts "Junior Town Frollics" was not as successful as the original series.

"Junior Town Frollics" was on the air on WNTA TV Ch.13 until the town was shuttered on Friday January 15,1960.
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