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Sandy Becker Presents The Our Gang Comedies


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer - Sandy Becker
"The Our Gang": -
Spanky McFarland - George McFarland
Darla Hood - Herself
Alfalfa - Carl Switzer
Porky - Eugene Gordon Lee
Buckwheat - William Thomas
Froggey - William McLaughlin
Butch - Tommy Bond
Mickey Gubetosi (Robert Blake) - Himself
On Monday November 17, 1958 WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC reran The post 1938 MGM "Our Gang" Film comedies. Originally the films were screened on WPIX TV Ch.11's "Clubhouse Gang!" with "Officer Joe" Bolton during the mid 1950's.

The films which were produced and released theaterically by MGM from the latter part of 1938 to 1944 were not as successful as The original Hal Roach Series mainly due to Mayer's insistence that the films use social messages and pro WWII propagana as part of their scripts.

Most of the kids ("Froggey","Bonedust", and Mickey Gubetosi (Who would become adult actor Robert Blake many years later)) lacked the charm and sincerity of the original cast. The series' host/ performer Sandy Becker tried to offset the flaws of the films by engaging his viewers in comedy and puppet skits, games, craftmaking, hobbies, drawing lessons, informational segments, interviews with guest performers and personalities and visits from "Uncle Mike" Grimaldi's animals.

But, despite his efforts the show failed to click with viewers and "Sandy Becker Presents The Our Gang Comedies" was cancelled following it's Friday March 17, 1961 broadcast.
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