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Way Out Games


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Barry & Enright TV Prods.Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host - Sonny Fox
Comedy Asistant - Mark Smith
This Kids tv game show featured gym classes from high schools all over the USA and from Puerto Rico. The kids would compete in zany stunts that were set up at "Magic Mountain" Amusement Park in Valencia, Ca. The stunts ranged from the kids trying to get thru an obstacle course to walking on a water pool wearing large shoes.

Despite the intestering concept the series was seen Saturday afternoons on The CBS TV Network with Sonny Fox as the program's host and Mark Smith (A former prize coordinator for The Nationally syndicated 1960's version of "Truth Or Conequences") as Fox' comedy assistant, and only lasted one season.

This was Sonny Fox' last attemp at hosting a kids tv show. He would leave tv mcing for a career as a tv producer and as one of the top executives of a tv censor group "Population Communications International Inc."

The Pilot of "Way Out Games" which was taped in Palm Springs, Ca. and air on CBS TV on Saturday afternoon January 11,1976 was hosted by Soupy Sales and Joanna (Daverona) Kerns. The pliot did very well and the series was picked by CBS TV and by MGM TV Inc. Soupy and Ms. Kerns were slated to host the show but Soupy left the series when the producers refused to pay him a large salary for mcing the program and both he and Ms. Kerns were replaced as the hosts/ performers of "WOG" by Fox and Smith.
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