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Junior Almost Anything Goes


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Bob Banner Associates Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/Performer - Soupy Sales
Play By Play Announcer - "Fast Eddie" Alexander
When he was unable to negotiate with the producers of "Way Out Games" for a larger salery, Soupy Sales accepted an offer from tv producer Bob Banner to host a simular stunt like tv game show for kids based upon a summer replacement series "Almost Anything Goes!" which was seen Saturday nights on The ABC Network during the summer of 1975.

Soupy and some well known performers and personalities Ed Asner, Judy Carne, Former basketball great Wil (The Stilt) Chamberlain, Jackie Cooper, Michelle Lee and Don Knotts, would lead a High school gym team (which was broken into three teams; the white, red and blue teams) thru a series of crazy stunts.

The show was set against the backdrop of a stadium and the team that was able to complete the stunts in the least amount of time would win scholarship monies for their school and a color tv set. "Junior Almost Anything Goes!" was on most of the ABC TV affilliates on Saturday afternoons beginning on Saturday September 11,1976.

The reason that the show was not seen on one time slot on the network was because a good number of ABC TV's station refused to air the program in the Saturday afternoons timeslot, favoring the more profitable programing concept of airing cartoons.

After one dismal season "Junior Almost Anything Goes!" was moved to the Sunday morning timeslot where it remained until the show was cancelled on Sunday January 8, 1977.
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