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Wonderama Christmas Cartoon Party, The


Original Air Date:
Dumont Television Network
Prod. Co.:
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Hosts/Performers: -
Sandy Becker -
Herb Sheldon -
Capt. Video - Al Hodge (December 25,1956)
Herb Sheldon -
"Uncle Fred" Scott(December 25,1957) -
Sandy Becker -
Sonny Fox -
"Uncle Fred" Scott (December 25, 1959) -
Stanley Q. Stinker - Sandy Becker
Marvin Mouse - Sandy Becker
Jacquet La Rat - Sandy Becker
Jingle Dingle - Sandy Becker
WABD TV Ch.5 in NYC became the first NYC based station to air a Holiday special for their young viewers. On Tuesday December 25, 1956 WABD TV aired "The First Annual Wonderama Christmas Cartoon Party" from 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Sandy Becker, Herb Sheldon And "Capt. Video" would engage their viewers in games, songs, stories, comedy and puppet skits, drawing lessions, craftmaking, hobbies and informational segments inbetween the reruns of "Paramount/ Famous" "Casper The Friendly Ghost" and "Superman" movie cartoons, Paramount/ Fleischer's "Betty Boop" movie cartoons and Warner Brothers "Looney Tunes"movie cartoons.

Becker, Sheldon and "Capt. Video" also conducted a phone quiz where they would call kids (who had sent in their names, addresses and phone numbers on postcards) at home and ask the kid(s) at home a series of questions. The kid who could answer the questions would win a collection of toys that were hanging from a Christmas tree in the studio.

"The Wonderama Christmas Cartoon Party" became a hit with the kids and WABD TV aired a second "Wonderama Christmas Party" on Wednesday December 25, 1957. Herb Sheldon and "Uncle Fred" Scott mc'd the second show.

On Friday December 25, 1959 WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC aired "The Third And Last Wonderama Christmas Cartoon Party". Sandy Becker, Sonny Fox and "Uncle Fred"Scott would entertain and inform a studio audience of kids and the viewers at home inbetween the reruns of The Paramount/ Famous "Littl Lulu" and "Casper" Movie cartoons, The Paramount/ Fleischer "Betty Boop" and"Gabby"movie cartoons and The Warner Bros. "Looney Tunes"movie cartoons.
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