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Scrub Club, The


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Host/ Puppeteer/ Clubhouse manager - Claude Kirchner
Scrubby The Pig - Claude Kirchner
Dr. Owl - Claude Kirchner
Super Flop - Claude Kirchner
Super Flo - Claude Kirchner
Cartoon Voices: -
Bud Abbott - Himself
Lou Costello - Stan Irwin
In 1957, Claude Kirchner switched from hosting a cartoon show centered around a circus backdrop to becomming the manager and puppeteer of a kids' clubhouse that was run by a group of puppets. "The Scrub Club" was first seen on WOR TV Ch.9 in NYC as a weekday afternoon tv cartoon fest beginning on Wednesday May 8m 1957.

Kirchner would engage his club members (The viewers) in games, stories, craftmaking, hobbies, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities while trying to surpress the antics of the show's puppets "Scrubby The Pig" (The club's founder and Leader) and "Dr.Owl".

The show's live segments were wrapped around reruns of old movie cartoons and comedies. The weekday afternoon version of "The Scrub Club" was seen on Ch.9 from Wednesday May 8,1957 to Friday September 13, 1957. The series would return to The NYC Airways as a weekday morning kids tv show, beginning on Monday August 26, 1968.

Unlike the previous format Kirchner was unable to get the station execs to give him a larger budget to pay his friend Caroline (The dollmaker who created "Clownie", "Scrubby The Pig" and "Dr.Owl") to build new puppets for the show. Forced to work with two sock puppets "Super Flop" (A sad face loser)and "Super Flo" (A mean spirited witch).

Kirchner would entertain and inform his viewers inbetween the reruns of The Hanna Barbera/ RKO General and Jormar "Abbott & Costello" TV Cartoons and "The Spunky & Tadpole" TV Cartoons. ("The Scrub Club" was the first NYC based kids tv show to air "The Abbott & Costello" TV Cartoons)

Sadly, the weekday morning version of "The Scrub Club!" was not as successful as the weekday afternoon format of the late 1950's. Ch.9 closed down "The Scrub Club!" for good following the Friday December 13, 1968 broadcast of the program.
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