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Marx Magic Midway


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Peter Piech Productions Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Ringmaster Host/ Announcer - Claude Kirchner
Mr. Hocus Pocus The Magic Clown - Doug Anderson
Boom Boom The sad face silent Tramp Clown - Bill Bailey
Coo Coo The Crazy silent Clown - Phil Kiley (Paul Dooley)
Bonnie Lee Bailey (The 1962 teenage baton twirling champ. No relation to Bill Bailey) - Herself
Musical director - Lou Stein And His Cricus Seven Band (A member of "The Circus Seven Band was "Doc Severenson)
In 1962 Claude Kirchner was given the chance to host another circux oriented kids tv variety show. "Marx Magic Midway" premiered on The NBC TV Network's Saturday morning schedule on Saturday September 22, 1962. Originally, the series was to be a format created for magician, cartoonist, puppteer and comic/ character actor and dialectician Doug Anderson, who would perform magic tricks, introduce circus and variety acts and engage the studio audience in games as "The Magic Ringmaster", but the show's producer Peter Piech decided to have Mr. Kirchner host the show (Since he was so closely indentified with the show's sponsor, The Louis Marx Toy Co.)

Set against the backdrop of a traveling circus, Kirchner would introduce visiting circus and variety acts and engage members of the studio audience in games for prizes while trying to surpress the antics of the circus' resident clowns "Mr.Hocus Pocus" (Anderson), "Boom Boom" (played by veteran circus clown Bill Bailey) and"Coo Coo" (played by comic/ character actor/ cartoonist and kids show clown Paul Dooley. At that time Mr. Dooley was working under the name of Phil Kiley).

Unfortunetaly, "Marx Magic Midway" fell prey to creative interference from the show's producer Mr. Piech. The Marx Toy Co. dropped it's sponsorship of the program and NBC TV Closed down "The Magic Midway" for good on Saturday March 6, 1963. Mr. Kirchner would host one more circus oriented kids tv variety show "The Bozo Show", which starred actor and singer Gordon Ramsey as "Bozo The Clown", Earl A. George as "Snappy Pappy", "Larry Loveless" and "The Circus Boss" and Tom Mahoney "Slim Jim", "Prof.Tweetie Foofer" and "Grandma Nelly" ("Bozo's Grandmother and the source for "Bozo's" call for help "Whoa Nelly") weekday mornings from Monday Feburary 3, 1969 to 1970.
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