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Thanksgiving Day Jamboree, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Tribune Broadcasting Inc.
Thanksgiving special

Characters & Voices
Hosts/Performers: -
"Officer Joe" Bolton (11/23/1960 - 11/1970)
"Capt. Jack" McCarthy (11/23/1960 - 11/1962
Ms. Carol Corbett(11/1965 - 11/1968)
Puppet Character: -
Doodle E.Do the Dog - Ms. Carol Corbett
On Thursday November 23, 1960 WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC created and presented a special Thanksgiving Day party for a group of kids in the studio and for their viewers.

Set agaisnt the backdrop of the living room of a private house, "The Thanksgiving Day Jamboree" featured games, songs, stories, craftmaking, hobbies and informational segments. The series was mc'd by Ch.11's resident kids tv wraparound hosts/ performers "Officer Joe" Bolton and "Capt. Jack" McCarthy. Reruns of old movie & tv cartoons, comedies and reruns of old tv shows were wrapped aound the live segments of the show.

Bolton and McCarthy would entertain and inform youngsters from St. Barnabas House (A foster home for orphans that used to be on Manhattan's Lower East Side).

The Show aired again in November,1961 and November, 1962. The show was pre-empted in November, 1963 due to news broadcasts concerning The Kennedy murder. Strangely, "The Thanksgiving Day Jamboree" was also preempted in November of 1964.
But, the show began airing again in November of 1965 with a new co-host/ performer Carol Corbett (Who began her career in local NYC kids tv as the fourth and last mc of WPIX TV's "Mighty Hercules Cartoon Show" in April of 1965).

Bolton continue to appear on the programs as "Officer Joe". As both he and Ms. Corbett would entertain and inform their viewers and the kids from "St. Barnabas House" in the studio from November, 1965 to November, 1968. The show was pre-empted again in November of 1969. As Ch.11 aired "The Second Annual Fun And Games Day Special" on Sunday November 30, 1969 (Ch.11 aired "The First Fun & Games Day Special" on Sunday February 3, 1969). "Officer Joe" and "Capt. Jack" mc'd both "Fun & Games Day Specials"on WPIX TV.
"Officer Joe" and "Capt. Jack" mc'd the very last "Thanksgiving Day Jamboree" in November of 1970.

At the end of the show "Officer Joe", "Capt. Jack" and Ms. Corbett would treat the kids from St. Barnabas House to a Turkey Dinner.
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