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WPIX TV Christmas Party, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Tribune Broadcasting Inc.
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Hosts/Performers: -
Officer Joe Bolton -
Capt. Allen Swift -
Capt. Jack McCarthy -
Bozo The Clown - Bill Britten
Chuck McCann -
Paul Ashley's Laurel & Hardy Puppets -
Fireman Todd Russell -
The Merry Mailman - Ray Heatherton
The Cool Ghoul - John Zacherley
The Old Philosopher - Eddie Lawrence
On Friday Demcember 25, 1959 WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC aired it's very first Christmas Party.

Set against the backdrop of the living room of a private home, Ch.11's resident kids tv hosts/ performers would engage their viewers in games, songs, stories, magic tricks, puppet and comedy skits, craftmaking, hobbies and informational segments. These live segments were wrapped around reruns of old movie cartoons, comedies, serials and reruns of old tv shows.

"Officer Joe" Bolton, "Bozo The Clown" and the sea captain hosts of "The Popeye Show", "Capt. Allen" Swift and "Capt. Jack" McCarthy mc'd the first program. On The second show, which aired on Sunday December 25,1960, Chuck McCann appeared on the program performing with Paul Ashley's L&H puppets. "Capt. Jack" also appeared on the show ("Capt. Allen" Swift had left "The Popeye Show" and Ch.11 on Friday September 23, 1960 following a creative dispute with station management) along with "Bozo".

"Fireman Todd" Russell become the show's fifth host/ performer, along with "Police Chief Joe" Bolton, "Bozo", "Capt. Jack" and Chuck McCann On Monday December 25, 1961. Ch.11 Would air two more Chirstmas Parties on Tuesday December 25, 1962 (With "Police Chief Joe" Bolton, "Capt. Jack" McCarthy and "Fireman Todd" Russell as the hosts) and on Wednesday December 25, 1963.

The last show featured an all star list of kids tv mc's that included "The Merry Mailman" (Ray Heatherton), "The Old Philosopher" (Eddie Lawrence), and "The Cool Ghoul" (John Zacherley).
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