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Sandy Becker Presents A Christmas Carol


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Host/ Puppeteer/ Narrator - Sandy Becker
Ebeneezer Scrooge - Sandy Becker
Gebba Gebba - Sandy Becker
Bob Cratchet - Sandy Becker
Sir Clyde Clive - Sandy Becker
Tiny Tim - Sandy Becker
Marvin Mouse - Sandy Becker
The Ghost Of Jacob Marley - Sandy Becker
Stanley Q.Stinker - Sandy Becker
The Ghost Of Christmas Past - Sandy Becker
Wow Wee The Indian Chief - Sandy Becker
The Ghost Of Christmas Present - Sandy Becker
Jacquet La Rat - Sandy Becker
The Ghost Of Christmas Future - Sandy Becker
Edie Mouse - Sandy Becker
The Humbug - Sandy Becker
A year before Jim Backus' "Mr.Magoo" would play the role of Yultide's most infamous miser, NYC based kids tv wraparound host/ performer Sandy Becker would give NYC's youngsters his own interpretation of "A Christmas Carol".

Ultilizing his puppetry and storytelling talents Becker created and produced and hour long version of the story, which was mixed with humor and warmth. Yet, it never deviated from Dickens' message of "Caring about your fellow man and not becoming obessed with working for The Almighty Buck!".

"Gebba Gebba" (Sandy's grumpy but loveable old man puppet) played "Scrooge", "Sir Clyde Clive" played "Bob Cratchet" and "Marvin Mouse" was "Tiny Tim". The rest of Sandy's puppet repetory co; "Wow Wee The Indian Chief", "Jacquet La Rat" and "Edie Mouse" played "The Three Ghosts Of Christmas" and "Stanley Q. Stinker" played the spirit of "Scrooge's" late partner Jacob Marley.

Sandy Becker's puppet version of "A Christmas Carol" aired on WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC on Saturday Night December 22,1961. It has been praised as the most brilliant interpretation of the Dickens tale on tv.
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