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Chuck McCann's Laurel & Hardy Show


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Stan Laurel - Paul Ashley
Oliver Norvell Hardy - Chuck McCann
Stanelope (Stan Laurel's lovelorn Sister) - Paul Ashley
Egbert (Stan Laurel's bratty nephew) - Paul Ashley
Finn - Paul Ashley
Jimmy Finlayson - Paul Ashley
Puppeteers - Chuck McCann, Paul Ashley
Cartoon Voices: -
Stan Laurel - Larry Harmon
Oliver Norvell Hardy - Jim MacGeorge
Other Cartoon Voices: -
Hal Smith -
Ginny Tyler -
Allen Melvin -
John Stephenson -
Don Messick -
Janet Waldo -
Paul Frees -
In The fall of 1966, Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley began working on their last NYC based Kid tv comedy series "Chuck McCann's Laurel & Hardy Show".

Set against the backdrop of "The L&H Fix it Shop", Stan and Ollie (Played by Ashley and McCann as both live characters and as hand puppets) would try to complete their assigned tasks in order to improve their meager financial status. But their efforts were always hampered by Stan's (Paul's) incompetence.

The duo's comedy skits were wrapped around reruns of the color 1958 "Crusader Rabbit" TV Cartoons and the first time screening of the "Laurel & Hardy Color TV Cartoons" (Larry Harmon co-produced the films with the legendary animation team of William Hanna and Joesph Barbera and with tv documentarian David L.Wolper's Metromedia TV Productions Inc.)

Harmon was the voice of Stan Laurel and Jim MacGeorge was the voice of Oliver N.Hardy. The show also featured a tv quiz "Dialing For Dollars" (McCann as Hardy would call a kid at home and if the kid was at home the youngster could answer a question. The kid would win a treasure chest full of toys if they got it right).

Guest performers and personalities would appear on the show. EG Hans Lieter from "The Ice Capades" appeared as "Romeo" with another performer playing "Julliet".

"Chuck McCann's L&H Show" was seen weekday afternoons on WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC From Monday September 12, 1966 to Friday June 9, 1967.
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