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Mr. Mayor


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Robert Keeshan Asso. Inc.

Characters & Voices
Mr.Mayor - Bob Keeshan
Miss Melissa The Singing School teacher - Jane Connell
Aunt Maude - Jane Connell
Ma Homan - Jane Connell
Pa Homan - Gus Allegretti
Corenlius The Walrus - Gus Allegretti
Rollo The Silent Hippo - Gus Allegretti
Dudley Dudley The school janitor and subitute town statue - Bill McCutcheon
Junior Homan - Bill McCutcheon
The Town Clown - Bob Keeshan
This Saturday morning subitute for "Captain Kangaroo" was created in the fall of 1964. When a talent manager by the name of Hamburg claimed that he owned the rights to the character and format of "Captain Kangaroo" and he wanted to obtain total ownership of the concept. Keeshan and his manager and partner, Marvin Josephson, however were the real creators and owners to the concept and they took Mr. Hamburg to court to fight the lawsuit being imposed upon them.

In the interim they were forced to remove "Captain Kangaroo" from CBS TV's weekend schedule and they created another educational kids tv program.

Set against the backdrop of a small midwestern hamlet, Keeshan played the village's kindly mayor who would engage the visitors to his town in stories, craftmaking, informational segments and comedy skits as a silent put upon clown "The Town Clown". "Mr.Mayor" would also introduce puppet skits performed by Gus Alligretti's puppets, "Miss Worm" and"Miss Frog", and he would also try to surpress the antics of the town's zany citizens. "Aunt Maude" was a grumpy old woman who would rather be hip than spend time in her rocking chair. "The Homans" had trouble trying to understand time conception, "Miss Melissa" The school teacher couldn't get her points across to her students unless she sang her lessons to them. "Dudley Dudley" the school's janitor would serve as the town's subituite staute when the monument was out either being repaired or cleaned.

Actors and singers Jane Connell and Bill McCutcheon appeared on the show with Keeshan and Allegretti. Mr. Allegretti also appeared in body costumes as "Cornelius" (A Pompus talking walrus) and "Rollo", a silent hippo who conceveyed his messages in pantomime.

"Mr.Mayor" was on the air for one season on CBS TV until the fall of 1965 when Keeshan and Josephson finally settled their lawsuit with Mr. Hamburg. After finally regaining the rights to "Captain Kangaroo", "Mr.Mayor" went off the air in September, 1965. On the last installment of the series, "Mr.Mayor" had a telephone conversation with "The Captain" via a pre-taped split screen.
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