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Time For Fun


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Jules Power Productions Inc.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Hosts/Performers: -
Corney The Clown - Bob Keeshan
Uncle Joe - Joe Bova
Johnny Jellybean - Bill Britten
J.J. Jellybean - Keith Hefner
Following his abrupt depature from "Howdy Doody". Bob Keeshan returned to kids tv as the host/performer of this daily children's wraparound program.

Set against the backdrop of a city park, Keeshan played a gentle, soft spoken, circus clown named "Corney". Who would take time out from his performances with a traveling circus to entertain and inform his viewers with stories, craft-making, hobbies, games, informational segments and pantomime comedy skits inbetween the reruns of old movie comedies and cartoons.

Keeshan would mc the program until he left the show in the summer of 1955. Joe Bova, a former stage radio and tv entertainer from Cleveland, Ohio became the show's second host.

Changing the program's backdrop to a clubhouse. Bova (playing the character of a loveable but bumbling clubhouse leader) would engage his clubhouse members (His viewers) in games, songs, stories, craftmaking, hobbies, informational segments and interviews with guest performers and personalities inbetween the films.

"Uncle Joe" would also perform puppet skits and comedy routines with an assortment of zany characters: "Mr.Bloop" (A Charlie Chaplin like Tramp), "Pedro" (a naive little boy), "Rembrandt" The dog.

Bova would mc the show from July,1955 to Late December, 1956. Bill Britten would become the show's third host/performer. Working against the backdrop of a clubhouse, Britten would also take on the character of the zany clubhouse leader. Sporting a striped blazer, big, floppy red bowtie with white poka dots and a beanie. He played "Johnny Jellybean".

Britten's version of the series would be the most successful version of the concept. As the show became popular with kids and adults during the weekday afternoon time-slot. His version of"Time For Fun!" would also feature a studio audience of kids. Britten would host the show from December 31,1956 to the summer of 1958.

Keith Hefner would become the show's fourth and last host. Taking on the characterization of "J.J. Jellybean", Hefner would entertain and inform his viewers until the show moved to a weekday morning timeslot around 1959 and the series was retitled "The Johnny Jellybean Show".

Hefner would continue to mc "The Johnny Jellybean Show" until the series was finally cancelled on Friday June 2, 1960.
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