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Twins of Destiny, The


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Characters & Voices
Martin - Edgar Girvy
Chinese Empress - Evelyne Grandjean
Jules - Herve Rey
Julie - Barbara Tissier
Entitled "Les Jumeaux du Bout du Monde"

Here is everything (well mostly) that I can remember about the Twins Of Destiny. There are lots of difficult to spell words so forgive any mistakes. Hope this brings back some memories.

1897, in Peking, China, Jules (Chinese boy) and Julie (English girl), the Twins of Destiny, were born at the full moon as predicted by the prophet Lowtzay. Lowtzay's prophecy stated that these two children, born at the same time, in the same place but of different parents, but whose mothers would die at their birth, would over throw the evil reign of the Chinese Empire led by the Empress Dowager. His prophecy says that the children of the moon will replace his stone tablets in the Temple of Heavenly Harmony, deep within the Forbidden City, where the empress lives. Once the tablets are replaced the empire will fall.

When the empress hears that the twins have been born from her imperial astrologer she send her unic warriors to kill the babies and therefore thwart the prophecy. The twin’s fathers are captured but Shou Cow (a member of the society of freedom) manages to smuggle the babies out on the country on a ship to France. The captain of the ship is Captain Torneay and his first mate is Martin Garson who tendered the deal with Shou Cow.

The Empress Dowager has her magician Ho Cheng to imprison the twin’s father in stone statues. Ho Cheng says that only the Twins of Destiny can break the spell. She discovers the twins have escaped on the ship and hires the pirate, Kung Lee, to bring the heads of the Twins of Destiny to her. He commandeers the ship but cannot bring himself to kill the babies and so lets them go and does not return to China as the empress soon discovers he has betrayed her.

10-12 years go by and we are in France. Captain Torneay has taken in the now 10-12 year old Jules and Julie. Jules gets picked on at school and the Twins start to discover that the have a strange power when they are together. They break a branch that a bully is going to hit Jules with and bring a model boat back to the waters edge. Of course, one thing leads to another and a Chinese ambassador becomes aware at a theatre that the Twins of Destiny are still alive and then the twins must escape with the help for Ho Quan their gardener who works for the society of freedom. During the struggles Captain Torneay dies due of a heart attack and the Twins are looked after by Martin Garson.

The twins meet up with Shou Cow who explains the prophecy and a little about their power. He also tells them that the empress has their fathers captive and that they must return to China to replace the tablets in the temple and free the Chinese people. The Twins accept their mission to return to China and begin their huge journey, which is plagued by ambushes, traps and other attacks from the Empress’ henchmen. They receive help along the way by various characters. The head unic's name is Po Dung. Other unic's names were Chanman, Ziemen and Taipan (who in one episode loses his hand when it is run over by a train and it gets replaced with a hook). A magician called "the pretty good" Sabatiae, Professor Leopold and Paulette are some of the twins friends. Paulette and Martin get romantically involved.

The twins gain more control over their power slowly and are able to do more things but still without total control. When the twins join hands and concentrate there is a blue glowing light that emits from them, this is "the power" .

The twins are separated and reunited a number of times with various friends and enemies as they get closer and closer to China. At one point the Twins are shipwrecked on an island where they meet a mysterious man named Giovanne who explains to them how to properly harness and command the power they possess. There are seven powers. They are:

1) Create an illusion
2) Barrier of light
3) Break or Shatter objects
4) Levitate large objects
5) Control mechanical devices
6) Control over the weather
7) Control over others thoughts. (The seventh power was dangerous to use and caused the twins to become exhausted very quickly)

After being trained to use these powers properly the twins then call the power by name. For example; "I call on the third of the seven powers to break the wall"

Their father (as statues) come to the twins a couple of times in dreams to help them.

The twins meet up a couple of times with the fearsome Ho Cheng, the magician who imprisoned the twins fathers. In a massive battle just outside China pitting the twins power against Ho Cheng's, the Twins are able to use the seventh power to control the spirit of Ho Cheng and make him destroy himself. His power gets destroyed but he is still alive and takes out a dagger to kill the twins who cannot move due to the exhaustion from using the seventh power. Kung Lee intervenes and stabs him before he can kill them.

They manage to get to China and sneak into the Forbidden City by using underground water tunnels connected wells. They use the power to break the roof of the tunnel when it rains and the drains fill up to give them breathing space and also to raise the water level to get to the top of well inside the Forbidden City. They almost succeed in replacing the tablets but Po Dung is able to stop them. Meanwhile the freedom fighters (rebels against the empress) are attacking the Forbidden City, inspired by the prophetic return of the Twins of Destiny. The Empress flees the Forbidden City to the summer palace due to the escalating civil unrest.

The twins finally get into the Temple of Heavenly Harmony using an elaborate scheme with fireworks to break open the temple roof (after the empress has the walls bricked up) and a hot air balloon. As soon as they replace the tablets on the altar of the temple, Lowtzay's voice is heard and the power of the tablets frees their fathers from the stone statues and their power starts to fade, leaving them and their friends to use their wit and skill to defeat Po Dung (who falls on his own axe) and the other unics. The series ends with the rebels over powering the guards and seizing control of the Forbidden City, freeing China. Jules and Julie and distraught at the thought of being separated, as Julie’s father wants to take her back to Europe. They decide to run off together into the moonlight to be together.

Summary by Brian Thompson, Australia
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