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Di-Gata Defenders


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:

Characters & Voices
Seth - Noah Cappe
Mel - Martha MacIsaac
Kara - Stephanie Beard
Erik - Dan Petronijevic
Rion - Alexander Conti
Adam - Jeremy From
Brakus - Juan Chioran
Prof. Alnar - Maurice Dean Wint
Lord Nazmul - Lawrence Bayne
Flinch - Ron Rubin
Malco - Martin Roach
Lady K'Tahsh - Shauna MacDonald
Created by in-house animator and self-described gaming nut Greg Collinson, the 26 x half-hour series is about a group of tweens who try to overthrow the evil empire that has forced them into hiding since birth.

The backstory goes like this. Twelve years ago, the original Di-Gata defenders went AWOL at the end of a war against the Megaliths and the Order of Infinis in order to secretly train a new generation of guards. At the same time, a group of wizards cast a spell that imprisoned the evil Megaliths in four stones that were secretly hidden around the city of Rados. But now the wizards' magic is weakening, and the 12-year-old defenders-in-training must use all their newfound skills to find the four stones and recast the spell before the evil Megaliths are released. This already difficult task is made even trickier when the Order of Infinis catches wind of the defenders' plans and sets out to fight them at every turn.
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