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Characters & Voices
Voices: -
Lena - Phoebe McAuley
Mahad - Tim Hamaguchi
Vector - William Colgate
Cortes - Jack Langeduk
Dahlia - Alyson Court
Diwan - Athena Karkanis
Mila - Alex Belcourt
Cheng - Cameron Ansell
Manako - Melissa Altro
Oslo - Juan Chidran
Wayan - Milton Barnes
Brigadiers - Tony Daniels
Shoomday - Alex House
Performers: -
Lena - Christelle Ouvrard
Mahad - Julien Girbig
Vector - Olivier Breuils
Cortes - Dominic Gould
Dahlia - Tadrina Hocking
Diwan - Lena Kowski
Mila - Julie DeLaurenti
Cheng - Max Gruber
Manako - Alexandra Pic
Oslo - Simon Flossaut
Wayan - Pete Thias
Brigadiers - Pete Thias
Shoomday - Jerome Cachon
Set in the not-too-distant future when water has usurped oil as Earth's most valuable commodity, Skyland centers around the plight of a pair of orphaned siblings named Lena and Mahad, who are split up by agents of a dictatorial regime called The Sphere. The Sphere used to be a benevolent humanitarian organization like the UN, but corruption soon took root when it was placed in charge of water supply and distribution. To defend its supremacy against the pockets of resistance that seek to reclaim water control for the masses, The Sphere relies on an elite group called The Guardians, whose members all have extra-sensory powers. Lena is kidnapped by The Guardians because she's telekinetic, and Skyland's underlying story revolves around Mahad's neverending quest to rescue his little sister from her captors.
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