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Oban Star-Racers


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Sav! The World Productions

Characters & Voices
Eva "Molly" Wei -
Don Wei -
Maya Wei -
Jordan C. Wilde -
Rick Thunderbolt -
Koji -
Stan -
Prince Aikka -
The Avatar -
Satis -
Canaletto -
"ÔBAN, STAR-RACERS" is an explosive mix of genres (comedy with epic racing scenes), styles (western design and Japanese anime), and techniques (3D CGI and 2D).

The series follows the face-off between the greatest pilots in the universe for "The Ultimate Prize" - a chance to have their deepest wish granted by the powerful Avatar, the mysterious organizer of the race.

The Avatar can grant the winner any thing: serving the galaxy on a plate or bringing a loved one back to life. For the Human Coalition, whose very existence is being threatened by their aggressive neighbors, the Crogs, victory is vital. Nothing short of a miracle can save it from total annihilation.

Too bad the Earth's Team #1 pilot was victim of a terrible sabotage minutes before the start of the race. With no other champion available within a 25 light-year radius, MOLLY, an unpredictable young girl pilot, and her gung-ho co-pilot JORDAN, are Earth's unexpected hope of victory…
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