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Random special

Characters & Voices
Aladdin -
Mrs. So - and
Princess Mei - Ling
Emperor Of China -
Magician -
Genie Of The Magic Lamp -
Genie Of The Magic Ring -
Fatima The Dancing Doll -
Stage Manager -
This Aladdin story did not take place in the Middle-East, but in ancient China. The story is about a young man named Aladdin who lived in
China with his mother Mrs. So-and-So, one day Aladdin was flying his kite in the Emperor of China's home territory and runs into the Emperor's daughter "Princess Mei-Ling". Later an evil Magician from Saudi Arabia pretends to be Aladdin's unknown uncle and uses Aladdin to fetch the Magic Lamp inside the enchanted cave where the Genie lives. The Magician traps Aladdin inside the cave and the Genie rescues Aladdin and being accompanied by Fatima The Dancing Doll that was in another cave. Later Aladdin marries Princess Mei-Ling and later is captured by the Magician impersonating as a used oil lamp salesman and uses the Genie Of The Magic Lamp to take her and Aladdin's mother as prisoners to the enchanted cave and forcing Mei-Ling to marry him, while Aladdin is told by the Emperor to find Mei-Ling and his mother until sundown, or be executed. While this story is taking place, an Asian Stage Manager narrarates the story and plays parts of different characters such as Aladdin's neighbor, Chinese umbrella trees, and the Emperor's guard.
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