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Legends Of The Superheroes


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Characters & Voices
Batman - Adam West
Robin - Burt Ward
The Weather Wizard - Jeff Altman
Sinestro - Charlie Callas
Mondru (Gabe Dell) - Gabriel Dell
Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana - Howard Morris
Solomon Grundy - Mickey Morton
Retired Man / Scarlet Cyclone -
Captain Marvel - Garrett Craig
Green Lantern - Howard Murphy
The Black Canary (Danuta) - Danuta Wesley
Hawkman - Bill Nuckols
The Flash - Rod Haase
The Huntress - Barbara Joyce
Narrator - Gary Owens
Ed McMahon -
Aunt Minerva - Ruth Buzzi
Retired Man - Paul Winchell
A 2 hour live comedy TV special of a spoof with the superheroes as they would appear in "Challenge Of The Superfriends cartoon series" and also featuring Adam West as (Batman) and Burt Ward as (Robin) from the live Batman TV series from 1966. This special had 2 parts that each ran for 1 hour such as "Challenge Of The Superheroes" and "The Roast". Ed McMahon featured himself in "The Roast" episode.
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