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This was a dismal town. There were spaces among the ruined and chaotic structures of the town. When a light turned on in the alley, there was a play only children could do, and the world only children could enter, beyond the alley. Children knew they could do a forbidden play with strange figured creatures called “Oni”. The play was called “A play of Okotoyo-sama”, namely, “Kakurenbo” (hide-and-seek). Whenever children played “Kakurenbo”, they disappeared one after another into the blinds of the buildings.

In those days, a boy, Hikora, was looking for his little sister who had disappeared while she had been playing Kakurenbo. Then, Yaimao, Noshiga, Tachiji, Suku, uncanny twins of Inmu and Yanku, and a girl helped him. When they began to play “Kakurenbo”, four strange figured “Oni” chased them; they were “Abura Tori” (Oil Taker), “Ko Tori” (Child Taker), “Chi Tori” (Blood Taker), and “Kimo Tori” (Liver Taker) respectively. The children wanted to know about the play, about the town, and about the world. The truth hidden in this play gradually became clear.
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