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Lunch With Soupy Sales


Original Air Date:
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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Soupy Sales -
White Fang - Clyde Adler
Black Tooth - Clyde Adler
Pookie The Lion - Clyde Adler
Herman The Flea - Clyde Adler
Marilyn Monwolf - Clyde Adler
Hippie The Silent Hippo - Clyde Adler
The Guys At The Door - Clyde Adler
The series was the first tv comedy show that appealed to kids, adults and teens with it's hip sophisticated humor, song and dance numbers and it's surreal yet warm atmosphere.

Sales, a former radio and nightclub performer, had developed the concept with WXYZ TV President John Pival and with WXYZ TV Floor Manager Clyde Adler as an afternoon visit with a bumbling but loveable fellow who spends his lunchtime singing tunes, dealing with a group of unseen people at the front door of his house, giving his own type of advice "Soupy Sez!: The Words Of Wisedom", narrate old silent film comedies and eat lunch with his viewers.

Sales would also get a pie in the face from the "Guys At The Door" and from his puppet characters: "White Fang" (The Big Mean White Paw Dog), "Black Tooth" (The Nice Brown Paw Dog) and engage in zany but funny conversations with"Pookie The Lion", "Herman The Flea" (An unseen insect who took great delight in scratching Poor Soupy and driving him nuts with his crazy chatter) and "Marilyn Monwolf".

Originally seen on WXYZ TV Ch.7 In Detroit, Mi since 1953. The series became a popular program with Motown's viewers.

The show first appeared on ABC TV as a summer replacement for "Kukla Fran & Ollie" during the months of July-August, 1955. But the series didn't appear on ABC TV's Saturday afternoon scheduale until four years later.

"Lunch With Soupy Sales!" became an even bigger hit on the full ABC TV Network. Clyde Adler served as Sales head puppeter and comedy asistant and helped to add to the show's zany atmosphere.

"Lunch With Soupy Sales" remained on The ABC TV Network until the network dropped the program on Saturday March 25, 1961.
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