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Station X


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Canada Inc. a FRV Media Company

Characters & Voices
Davis -
Knob -
Seven -
Jesse -
Kandi -
Slate -
Station X is a unique new multi-media half hour series about group of six young artists, musicians, and filmmakers who share a loft in a large dynamic Canadian city. A brilliantly designed blend of original animation and unusual videos and film clips, each episode of Station X explores a theme - Violence, Excess, Fashion etc. - through a storyline involving our six characters: Davis, Knob, Seven, Jesse, Kandi, and Slate. Like most people in their late teens and early twenties, they're media savvy, they know their pop culture and they easily reference movies and music. So when Knob gets swarmed and later regrets not fighting back, he and his friends explore his dilemma by sharing great movie moments, oddball animation from the web, and quirky rock videos.
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