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Let's Have Fun!


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Tribune Entertainment Co.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Hosts/Performers: -
Chuck McCann (9/18/1960 - 8/15/1965)
Head Puppeteer/ Puppet - Maker/ Comedy Asistant
"Capt. Jack" McCarthy (8/1965 - 9/1965)
Terry Bennett (9/5/1965 - 9/1966)
Puppet Characters: -
Red Flanells - Terry Bennett
Rusty Hinges - Terry Bennett
Dinky Duck - Terry Bennett
The Dog - Terry Bennett
The Man - Terry Bennett
Victor Villian - Terry Bennett
Hank Stohl (9/1966) -
"Beachcomber Bill" Biery (10/1966 - 8/1967)
Doakey The Clown - Ed Alberian
Head Puppeteer/Puppet - Maker
Robert Broderick - Himself
Fireman Frank - Socey Mitchell
This was a popular comedy/variety kids tv show. That was seen Sunday Mornings for four hours on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC. Chuck McCann and The Paul Ashley Puppets were the series' first hosts/performers. McCann and Ashley would mc the program from Sunday September 18,1960 to Sunday August 15,1965. They would be succeeded by "Captain Jack" McCarthy during the summer of 1965. entertainer and radio/tv broadcaster and producer Terry Bennett would mc the show from Sunday September 5,1965 to September,1966. Hank Stohl and "Beachcomber Bill"Biery would host the show during the 1966/67 season. Scoey Mitchell "Fireman Frank" would become the program's last host/performer from Sunday September 12,1967 to June 1968.
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