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Clubhouse Gang, The


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Tribune Entertainment Co.
Live Action

Characters & Voices
Officer Joe - Joe Bolton
WPIX TV Ch.11 In NYC became the first tv station to air reruns of The Little Rascals Films. It was also Joe Bolton's first venture into local kids tv as a wraparound host/ performer.

When The station execs at Ch.11 first acquired the tv rights to the films in the winter of 1955, they were unable to find the right personality to mc their program. During this time..Bolton was doing the weather reports for WPIX TV's Five Star Newscasts weekday evenings. His segments were not meant for children. But, NYC's young viewers became fascinated with Bolton's weather reports and his personality. Especically the son of Ch.11's programming director. During a birthday party for his son and his friends at the station, the PD aired The Little Rascals comedies to test their potenial as a possible tv feature. The kids liked the films and they voted The Tasty Weatherman as their choice to host The Clubhouse Gang Show. Originally, Bolton was slated to host the series as a tramp clown. He balked at the idea, fearing that a tramp was not an appropriate or an original character for children. He accepted the station execs second choice of a policeman for his on screen alter ego.

Ultilizing his talents as musician/singer and as a witty mc. Officer Joe would worked against the backdrop of a local clubhouse. Where he would engage his studio audiences and his viewers in games, songs, stories, craftmaking, hobbies, informational segments and interviews with guest performers, personalities and members of the audience. Ch.11's Clubhouse Gang was seen Monday to Saturday evenings from Monday January 17,1955 to Friday September 13,1957

Former Little Rascal turned entertainer and mystery writer Jean Darling made a guest appearance on the show on Saturday night May 14,1955.
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