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Popeye Show, The


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Tribune Entertainment Co.

Characters & Voices
Host/Performers: -
"Capt. Allen" Swift (9/10/1956 to 9/23/1960) -
"Capt. Ray" Heatherton (9/8/1956 to 4/13/1958) -
"Capt. Jack" McCarthy (9/26/1960 to 3/15/1963, 1/4/1970 to 6/1972) -
Cartoon voices: -
Popeye - William Costello (7/1933 to 1935)
Popeye - Detmar Popin (1935)
Popeye - Jack Mercer (1935 to 1941, 1948 to 1984)
Popeye - Harry Foster Welch (1941 to 1947)
Olive Oyl - Mae Questel (1934 to 1941)
Olive Oyl - Margie Hines Mercer (1941 to 1948)
Bluto - William Pennell (1933 to 1935)
Bluto - Gus Wickie (1935 to 1938)
Bluto - Jack Mercer (1941)
Bluto - Jackson Beck (1948 to 1957)
Bluto - Pinto Colvig
Wimpy - Charles Lawrence (1934 to 1941)
Wimpy - Jack Mercer (1961 to 1962)
Wimpy - Jackson Beck (1954 to 1957)
Poopdeck Pappy - Jack Mercer (1937 to 1962)
Sweetpea - Mae Questel (1934 to 1962)
Poopeye - Jack Mercer
Pipeye - Jack Mercer
Peepeye - Jack Mercer
Pupeye - Jack Mercer
Shorty - Jack Mercer
Shorty - Arnold Stang
Brutus - Jackson Beck (1961 to 1962)
The Sea Hag - Mae Questel (1961 to 1962)
Roughhouse - Jackson Beck (1961 to 1962)
Prof. O.G. Wootasnozzle - Jackson Beck (1961 to 1962)
Geezle - Jackson Beck (1961 to 1962)
WPIX TV Ch.11 became the first NYC based tv station to screen reruns of the Popeye Movie Cartoons. Seen Weekday evenings beginning on Monday September 10,1956. The program was set against the backdrop of the deck of a ship and interior of the captain's cabin.

Radio/tv broadcaster and entertainer Allen Swift would serve as the program's first sea captain host/performer. Captain Allen would perform magic tricks, songs, engage his viewers in craftmaking, hobbies, drawings lessions, chalk talks, informational segments, contests and interview guest performers and personalities in between the reruns of the films.

The show became a hit with NYC's kids and became a top ratings winner, beating out WABD TV Ch.5's Looney Tunes Show and Bugs Bunny Theater. Along with it's weekday evening edition of the show, Ch.11 also aired a Weekend version of the program, which was mc'd by WOR TV's former Merry Mailman: Ray Heatherton. Swift and Heatherton hosted WPIX TV's Popeye Show until they both left the show following creative disputes with station management. Ch.11's staff announcer and co-founder Jack McCarthy would become the series third and last host/performer on Monday evening September 26, 1960. Captain Jack would continue to mc The Popeye Show until the series was forced off the air in September, 1972.
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