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Christmas Elves, The


Original Air Date:
FOX Family
Prod. Co.:
Golden Films
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
King Reinhold -
Hans -
Ilsa -
Tommy -
Gorganzola -
Franklin -
Smoot -
Cummins -
Shelby -
Along time ago in the Kingdom of Rothenberg, a king with a serious shoe fetish came into power. He constantly raised taxes so he could afford his shoes, until of course there wasn't any money left in the town to take. A poor shoe maker that lived in town changed everything. One day a boy was caught stealing, and the shoemaker helped him out. He hired the boy, forgetting that he had nothing to pay with. That night, a group of shoe elves appeared and made a splendid pair of shoes. The next morning, the shoemaker was startled by the find and his wife told him about shoe elves. The shoes were sold to the king's assistant, because his pair were old and dirty. The king was amazed by the shoes and demanded to get some of his own. At the same time, the elves kept reappearing every night making fabulous shoes. Their dream was to become Christmas Elves, and if they did enough good deeds they would get the job. Along came the week of Christmas, and the shoemaker was preparing to make shoes for the brothers and sister of the boy he had helped in the street. One night he decided to stay awake and catch the elves in the act. The plan misfired. He wound up getting transported to the Santa's workshop when the elves tried to get away. After returning home he made the elves new clothes to thank them for helping him out. In return they gave him some of their elven shoe magic so he could make wonderful shoes. In return, the elves were granted the honor of becoming Christmas Elves. They also made a special pair of shoes for the king that made him be generous and they could not be removed. So in the end, everyone got what they wanted.
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