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Fairly Oddparents: Channel Chasers, The Movie


Original Air Date:
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Characters & Voices
Young Timmy Turner - Tara Strong
Paula Poundcake - Tara Strong
Vicky and Tootie's Mom - Tara Strong
Others - Tara Strong
Mr. Turner - Daran Norris
Cosmo - Daran Norris
Others - Daran Norris
Mrs. Turner - Susan Blakeslee
Wanda - Susan Blakeslee
Others - Susan Blakeslee
Vicky - Grey DeLisle
Tootie - Grey DeLisle
Others - Grey DeLisle
Denzel Crocker - Carlos Alazraqui
Sheldon Dinkleburg - Carlos Alazraqui
Dinkledog - Carlos Alazraqui
Tony Futurelli - Carlos Alazraqui
Man #1 - Carlos Alazraqui
Additional Voices - Carlos Alazraqui
Chester McBadbatt - Jason Marsden
Jeff - Jason Marsden
Adult Chester - Jason Marsden
Johnny Hunt - Jason Marsden
Additional Voices - Jason Marsden
A.J. - Gary LeRoi Gray
Big Kid - Dee Bradley Baker
Additional Voices - Dee Bradley Baker
Adult AJ - Kevin Michael Richardson
Dad's Boss - Kevin Michael Richardson
Snoop - Kevin Michael Richardson
Donnie Donut - Kevin Michael Richardson
Additional Voices - Kevin Michael Richardson
Jim Ward (I) .... Chet Ubetcha/Mr. Joel/Doug Dimmadome/Blackbird/Additional Voices -
S. Scott Bullock .... T.V. Host//Wrestler #1/Bird/Man#2/Various -
Butch Hartman .... Race Official/Man on Puppet Show (from deleted alternate scene)/Additional Voices -
Tim O'Rourke (II) .... John -
Adam West (I) .... Himself -
Cara Newman Ruyle .... Additional Voices -
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