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Skipper Chuck's Popeye Playhouse


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Live Action

Characters & Voices
Skipper Chuck - Chuck Zink
First Mate Ellen - Ellen Kimmel
Glumbo The Silent Sad Face Tramp Clown - Mike McMurphy
Little Annie Orphanic - Dorlene Ernest
First Mate Scrubby - Richard (Elvin) Pritchard
Puppeteer - Richard (Elvin) Pritchard
Little Johnny - (Actor unknown)
Head puppeteer - Richard (Elvin) Pritchard
Musical directors: -
"Uncle Don" Sesbassian -
"Uncle Tommy" Gannon -
Replacing a haughty host destined for greater things (Merv Griffin), Indiana-born Chuck Zink ruled the kiddie roost on WTVJ, then-CBS affiliate Channel 4 in Miami, from 1957 to 1979. Lured here from Pennsylvania in the late Fifties to do local morning news cut-ins during the network's breakfast broadcast, Zink eventually led Popeye's Playhouse, featuring cartoons starring the spinach-eating hellion. Six months later the too-common maritime theme was dropped, but Zink retained his rank on The Skipper Chuck Show. It was no stroke of brilliance on anyone's part. FCC rules of the time mandated that all local stations offer a children's program. Zink, a proven commodity, proved ideal for the job.

- Miami New Times
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