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Perfect Hair Forever


Original Air Date:
Cartoon Network
Prod. Co.:
Williams St.

Characters & Voices
Gerald -
Action Hotdog -
Norman Douglas -
Coiffio -
Model Robot -
Catman -
Uncle Grandfather -
Brenda -
Terry -
Twisty -
Young Man -
Rod, the Anime God -
Space Cat -
Astronomical Cat -
Military Police -
Space Ghost -
Japanese Bear Dad -
Perfect Hair Forever is an animated comedy television series produced by Williams Street and airing on the Adult Swim television block.

The title card for the pilot of "Perfect Hair Forever". Note the card has been edited to read "Williams Street Presents" rather than "Hanna-Barbera Presents"Perfect Hair Forever is a parody of stereotypical anime shows and a continuation of the now fairly established Williams Street absurdist plots portrayed in shows such as Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021 blended with FLCL-esque frenetic visual montages and subcultural references rooted in both styles.

The series concerns a young boy named Gerald who is on a quest to find the perfect hair to remedy his premature baldness. He is joined on his aimless wanderings by an array of strange companions. Gerald is opposed by the evil Coiffio and his minions for unknown or incomprehensible reasons.

Each episode of the series thus far has featured different opening sequence music and visuals. The style of the end credits has also varied from episode to episode.

Perfect Hair Forever is employs an ongoing serial format, with the end of each episode leading directly to the beginning of the next, a trait it shares with Squidbillies and 12 oz. Mouse.

According to trailers for the series, future episodes will feature further battles between Gerald and the forces of Coiffio.

Regarding the Pilot's First Airing:

The Perfect Hair Forever pilot first aired on November 7, 2004, in the time slot that had been advertised as the premiere of the Squidbillies pilot. Unknown to the audience at the time, the existing Squidbillies pilot had been scrapped and would not air. Williams Street continued advertising the Squidbillies premiere up to and including the bump directly preceding the show. The night's confusion began when, instead of seeing the opening titles for Squidbillies, viewers were confronted with a title card for an episode of Space Ghost called "Perfect Hair Forever", thus starting the pilot episode described below.

After the ending credits ran, a bumper card appeared, apologising for the apparent scheduling mixup only for it to fade out to a fake "Technical Difficulties" card featuring a selection of Perfect Hair Forever's characters. This was shown on screen for several seconds, accompanied by typical music before the card faded to static whilst the Action Hot Dog's "Do da la la la la!" echoed. The card returned and the music was replaced with a techno remix of Action Hot Dog's chant.

The bumper then cut to commercials.

The scene then shifts to a separate fifteen minute special in which Space Ghost conducts a discussion about the episode with Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Meatwad, Sharko (Marco's half-human, half-shark son who would join the cast of Sealab 2021 after the specials airing) and Early Cuyler, one of the characters from Squidbillies. This was actually Sharko's first appearance on Adult Swim. After some talk about the show, the conversation slowly degenerates into a talk about the bestiality sex between Sharko's mother and Marco. This discussion degenerates so far as to cause Space Ghost to reveal that he had put his own "Space ******" (actual word bleeped) into Sharko's mother. This leads Sharko to shoot Space Ghost, rip his head off and eat it.

Early, in response, kills Sharko—with a combination of well placed shotgun blasts and a wild bear—and places Space Ghost's decapitated head on Meatwad, who is clearly freaked out about the whole incident. (The scene showing Space Ghost's head being retrieved from Sharko and is placed on Meatwad's head is not shown; instead, a test card censors the scene. However, Meatwad's voice and disapproval of Early's actions can be heard throughout.).

The show ends with Early shooting Space Ghost's head off of Meatwad after it announces to the audience that the next program was coming up. Early then proclaims "LET'S GO CRAZY, BABY!" and proceeds to shoot up the place. Brak's dad and a second Space Ghost fall out of the rafters (much like Zorak had earlier in the program). Meatwad is left to his own devices in the studio, leaving us to wonder what the show was about and if Meatwad will be killed.

Whilst the 15 minute special has no official title, most Adult Swim fans refer to it as Anime Talk Show. The reason for this is most likely due to the fact that most people who digitally recorded it from television simply titled their files "Anime Talk Show".
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