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G.I. Joe: Sigma Six


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Characters & Voices
Duke - John Campbell
Scarlett - Veronica Taylor
Long Range -
Tunnel Rat - Mike Sinterniklaas
Heavy Duty - David Wills
Hi - Tech
Snake Eyes -
Jinx -
Kamakura - Marc Thompson
General Hawk -
Scott -
Cobra Commander - Marc Thompson
Destro - Marc Thompson
Baroness - Amy Birnbaum
Storm Shadow -
Zartan - Marc Thompson
Buzzer -
Monkeywrench -
Ripper -
Thrasher -
Torch -
Stone - Dan Green
Firefly - Sean Schemmel
Spirit - Marc Thompson
Be a Heeeero…
GI Joe Will Turn the Tide…
Be a Heeeero…
GI Joe is on your side…

One of the shows for Fox’s 4K!ds.TV, this GI Joe series takes place after G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom. Instead of being all CGI, This series is stylistically similar to other Japanese-inspired cartoons like Zoids where the characters are animated while the vehicles look CGI’d. Basically, Sigma 6 is a covert group of Joes working to stop Cobra (not sure why they need to have a covert group since the regular GI Joe’s job is to stop Cobra anyways). The operations these Joes run are “off the books” according to the series, which means that if they are run into trouble, there is nobody to help them. Currently, both teams are looking for Power Stones said to hold some amazing powers. What those powers may be has yet to be revealed.

The GI Joe team consists of:

Duke: Team Leader
Scarlett: Second in Command
Long Range: Driver of Their Super-vehicle
Tunnel Rat: Explosives and Infiltration Expert
Heavy Duty: The Muscle
Hi-Tech: Science/Computer Expert and Central Mission Coordinator
Snake Eyes: Ninja and Sensei to Jinx and Kamakura
Jinx: Ninja in Training
Kamakura: Ninja in Training
(General Hawk has been seen in at least one episode recovering in a hospital from the DNA splicing incident with Cobra in the Valor Vs. Venom special)
(Scott, General Hawk’s son, and his robotic dog is also involved for a few episodes)

Cobras include:

Cobra Commander: Cobra Leader
Destro: Mechanical Genius and Muscle
Baroness: Master of Disguise and Infiltration
Storm Shadow: Ninja
Zartan: Master of Disguise Infiltration
Dreadnoks: Rag Tag Biker Guys who Follow Zartan’s Lead
BATS: Cobra Robots (different variations)

Along with new looks, the Joes and Cobras have new weapons and abilities. Most of the Joes have their special areas of expertise and are armed with a special suit created by High-Tech to enhance their abilities. For example, Heavy Duty’s suit enhances his already incredible strength to Incredible Hulk, superhuman strength.

The really cool makeovers are present in the Cobra characters. Zartan, already a master of disguise, can now turn invisible and is a martial arts master and contortionist. Cobra Commander has a tougher look with his new armor which has a multitude of surprise weaponry and he’s no longer a bungling idiot like previous series. According to a Hasbro Sigma 6 website, Storm Shadow is the brother of Snake Eyes and was originally a member of the US military. Storm Shadow’s mission was to infiltrate Cobra, but instead, he was captured and brainwashed by Cobra to believe that Cobra is good and that GI Joe was bad. Destro seems more machine than human with incredible strength and abilities similar to X-Men nemesis Magneto. The Baroness’ character really isn’t that different from previous GI Joe series. The Cobra BATS are basically robots for GI Joe to blow up. There are a few different kinds of BATS with different weaponry and specialties.

GI Joe does get an edge in vehicles thus far. They have a large carrier like land vehicle that parks and launches a helicopter, a small attack vehicle, a small jet, and a mobile suit similar to Exo-Squad’s E-Frame.

Thus far the series seems to be going well updating an old favorite with a season long story line and more up to date technologies.

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