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Original Air Date:
Super RTL
Prod. Co.:
Berliner Film Companie

Characters & Voices
1 Boy + 5 Germs = Infectious Humor

You've got Sherm. A normal teenage boy. A typical adolescent just trying to get through the day. As if dealing with all the troubling teenage anxieties, insecurities and urges isn't enough, Sherm's got one more problem. A BIG problem.

He's also got…Germs.

Thanks to a laboratory experiment gone awry, Sherm's Germs have become his live-in, self-appointed best friends…five non-infectious Germs. Slimy. Gelatinous. Inappropriate. Clueless. Opinionated. Flatulent; these Germs have removed the word "normal" from Sherm's vocabulary.

As if these protoplasmic pests don't bring enough lunacy into his life, Sherm also has to contend with his family. First there's Mom. Sweet, caring, devoted … and an absolute clean freak! Then there's Skelly, his 5-year-old sister. Cute, precocious, and hell on wheels! Then there's Grandpa. He's brilliant, loving … and happens to be a certifiable, totally mad scientist!

Adolescent problems! Family issues! Germ lunacy! An abnormal series about a boy and his attempt at a normal life.
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