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Mission Odyssey


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Berliner Film Companie

Characters & Voices
Ulysses -
Poseidon -
Athena -
Titan -
Zephyr -
Nisa -
Philo -
Dates -
Diomedes -
Owl -
The classic tale of Ulysses has a fresh new look and brand new spin.
The young hero has defeated the Trojans and is returning home to reunite with his family.

Enter Poseidon.

Wagering against the goddess Athena that can prevent Ulysses from reaching Ithaca, Poseidon sends the hero and his band of warriors to the edges of the world where they must battle fantastic mythological creatures of might and magic.

Heavily influenced by anime, Mission Odyssey is filled from the first frame to the last with high adventure, non-stop action and suspese. Drama and comedic interplay between Ulysses and his companions: Titan, Zephyr, Nisa, Philo, Dates, Diomedes, and the Owl lend a contemporary feel to an already legenedary epic. It's Ulysses as you've never seen him before.

He's the world's more fabled hero on the greatest odyssey ever told.
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