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Adventurers: Masters of Time


Original Air Date:
Super RTL
Prod. Co.:
Berliner Film Companie

Characters & Voices
Uploading themselves by way of time continuum software, Fire, Nevin, Paul and Kikko, students of Sheldrake Academy, are suddenly whisked back through the ages on a desperate search for their missing computer professor.
Unfortunately, they haven't made the journey alone.

An evil Hacker and his insidious Virtual Agents are threatening to change world history.

The endurance of each intrepid teen will be tested as they weave in and out of time; facing overwhelming perils and thrilling challenges. What better way to learn about the past than to experience it first hand with the greatest figures from our world history?

Along the way, the Adventurers learn about working together and having the best of fun as the best of friends. They must not only locate their professor and return to the present, but also thwart The Hacker's evil scheme for world domination.
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