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Challenge of the Superfriends


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Hanna Barbera

Characters & Voices
Aquaman - Bill Callaway
Apache Chief - Michael Rye
Green Lantern - Michael Rye
Superman -
Batman -
Robin -
Riddler -
Wonder Woman -
Green Lantern -
Samurai -
Black Vulcan -
Hawkman -
Flash -
Bizarro - Bill Callaway
Cheetah - Marlene Aragon
Lex Luthor -
Riddler -
Gorilla Grodd -
Captain Cold -
Brainiac -
Solomon Grundy -
Giganta -
Scarecrow -
Sinestro -
Toyman -
Banded together from remote galaxies, 13 of the most sinister villains of all time - the Legion of Doom! Dedicated to a single object, the conquest of the universe! Only one group dares to challenge this inter-galactic threat - The SuperFriends!

Challenge of the Superfriends was an animated cartoon series which aired on the ABC television network from September 9, 1978 until September 15, 1979. Sixteen half-hour episodes were produced by Hanna-Barbera for the ABC television network, which aired them during the popular Saturday morning time-slot. The following year the show was syndicated, and has been shown on various independent television stations throughout America ever since.

The show portrayed the battles between the eleven members of the Justice League of America and the thirteen super villains of the Legion of Doom. The Superfriends, who resided in the Hall of Justice located in Supermanís Metropolis, consisted of various superheroes taken from popular DC Comics, along with several newly created characters. Many of the Superfriends' arch rivals, from the comic book stories, were used along with interesting new villains to form the Legion of Doom. They dwelled in a murky swamp and launched their attacks for global conquest from a sinister looking craft called the Hall of Doom.

The plots for this series were among the best of the numerous efforts to portray comic book heroes in television shorts. Most of the scripts contained references to high-tech hardware, alternate energy sources and even advanced scientific theories. The recent success of the movie Star Wars and the upcoming American space shuttle missions had obvious influences in the script writing.

Challenge of the Superfriends was narrated by William Woodson, and character designs for this particular Superfriends series were created by Andre Le Blanc and the legendary Alex Toth. The show was predeceased and then followed by several other Hanna-Barbera Superfriends productions. However, Hanna-Barberaís 1978-79 Challenge of the Superfriends is by far the best animated cartoon series to portray DC Comics' Justice League of America in exciting, action-packed stories.
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