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Emperorís New School, The


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Disney Channel
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Characters & Voices
Kuzco - J.P. Manoux
Tipo - Shane Baumel
Bucky - Bob Bergen
Yzma - Eartha Kitt
Kronk - Patrick Warburton
Malina - Jessica Di Cicco
Pacha - Fred Tatasciore
Pacha - John Goodman
Guaca - Jason Earles
Chicha - Wendie Malick
Chaca -
Mr. Flaco Moleguaco - Curtis Armstrong
Yatta - Miley Cyrus
The Royal Record Keeper - Rip Taylor
The action-packed comedy series is set in an Incan empire and follows the slightly conceited smart aleck teenager, Kuzco, as he tries to graduate school. Although heís first in line to be emperor, he cannot claim the throne without that diploma. Even worse, he has been banned from the palace and is forced to live with commoner Pacha, his wife Chicha and their family while he struggles to graduate despite the interference of the evil Yzma and her dimwitted yet loveable sidekick Kronk. He doesnít struggle alone, though. Pacha is always there to guide Kuzco despite his sometimes disrespectful attitude, and he also has a school ďfriendĒ named Malina to rely on. Of course, the stories are narrated by the only one who really matters, Kuzco.
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