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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Premavision Inc.
Christmas special

Characters & Voices
Davey Hansen -
Goliath -
Sally -
John -
Elaine -
Sam -
Yasmeen -
Jonathan -
Cisco -
Ranger Ava -
In Davey and Goliath’s Snowboard Christmas, Davey is jealous of the snowboarding skills of his two new friends–Sam, who celebrates Hanukkah, and Yasmeen, who celebrates Ramadan. Determined to show them up, Davey challenges his pals to a race down a roped-off portion of the mountain. When the three children get into trouble, it’s up to Goliath to save the day.

Like the original series, the new special was produced by Premavision Inc. (formerly Clokey Prods.) in Los Osos, Calif. Producer Joe Clokey is the son of Art and Ruth Clokey, who were the original producers of Davey and Goliath and Gumby. To ensure that the charm of the classic series carries over into the new adventure, some of the original animators and production crewmembers were brought back.
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