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Ceres: Celestial Legend


Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Shogakukan, Bandai Visual, Studio Pierot

Characters & Voices
Aya Mikage -
Ceres -
Toya -
Yihi Aogiri -
Aki Mikage -
Suzumi Aogiri -
Kagami Mikage -
Mrs. Q -
Entitled "Ayashi no Ceres"

On their sixteenth birthday Aki and Aya learn of a family secret that began hundreds of years ago and moves through the Mikage bloodline. As descendants of the angel Ceres the Mikage are blamed for the theft of her hagaromo. The family fears, with the birth of each girl, that Ceres will be reborn and seek vengeance on her children. With Aki and Aya's coming of age it is learned that not only Ceres has be reawakened but also her husband. Trapped in the bodies of these twin teens Ceres fights to find her hagaromo and Mikage fights to get his woman back, locking these two in the middle of a war that has been raging for a thousand years.
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