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Nick & Noel


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Christmas special

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It is the story of a little girl named Sarah who lives with her writer father and her cat Noel. They live next door to Ms. Leslie Lee, a singer, and her dog Nick. Sarah's father and Ms. Lee do not get along well in the beginning because her singing makes it hard for him to concentrate on his writing. Nick and Noel don't get along either. It is Sarah, the peacemaker, that brings this cat and dog team together. Sarah writes a letter to Santa for christmas, and doesn't ask for any toys, just a mommy! But her dad forgets to mail it and the adventure begins! Noel, the cat who never left the front porch, sets out to deliver personally to Santa. But she doesn't know where the north pole is so she has to ask Nick, the dog for help. As they go on their adventure, Sarah, Ms.Lee and the father, worried sick by the absence of their belved pets, all make peace and wouldn't you know it that when they are all reunited, Sarah gets a mommy for christmas when her dad and Leslie get married .
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