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Original Air Date:
Prod. Co.:
Lenard Fritz Krawinkel and Holger Tappe

Characters & Voices
English cast: -
Albert Drollinger - Patrick Stewart
Zino - Glenn Wrage
Mayor - Bob Saker
Tramp - Bob Saker
Galger - John Guerrasio
Zeck - John Schwab
E.N.I.A.C. - Claudia Lössl
Female Gayan - Kate Robbins
Valerie - Kate Robbins
Bramph - Reed Pepper
Professor N. Icely - Stephan Lander
Billy - Dimitri Kyrianos
Alanta - Emily Watson
Boo - Alan Mariot
Susi - Lorelei King
Fred - Dan Russell
Chad - Dan Russell
German cast: -
Boo - Michael Herbig
Alanta - Vanessa Petruo
Zeck - Sebastian Höffner
Zino - Torsten Lennie Münchow
Galger - Klaus Sonnenschein
Professor N. Icely - Bodo Wolf
Susi - Heidrun Bartholomäus
Albert - Friedrich Schoenfelder
Bürgermeister - Wolfgang Völz
Brampf - Hartmut Neugebauer
Chad - Uwe Büschken
Valerie - Melanie Pukass
Fred - Gerald Paradies
E.N.I.A.C. - Marion von Stengel
Taxifahrer - Lutz Schnell
Ken - Michael Nowka
Penner - Thomas Petruo
Gayanerin - Uschi Hugo
Gayanerin - Dascha Lehmann
Wache - Hans
Wache - Georg Tryphon
Billy - Adrian Killian
Erzähler - Jochen Schröder
US title: "The Snurks"
UK title: "Boo, Zino & the Snurks"

An elusive charmed stone is sought by the residents of Gaya, whose land comes under threat when it disappears. So Boo and Zino set off in search of the stone, enjoying a series of adventures as they attempt to find it.
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